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Updated: 06:12 EDT

Woman is saved from Ida by husband when car got caught in floodwaters

Katherine Bauer was trapped in a car with Hurricane Ida's floodwaters rushing in when her husband Don in the driver's seat shoved her through the cracked rear windshield, shouting 'go, go, go!' 'I thought he was right behind me,' Katherine cried during an exclusive interview Friday with DailyMail.com, recalling the tragic night for the first time from her hospital bed in the far northern suburbs of Philadelphia. The couple were attending their daughter Sophie's college volleyball game in Center Valley early Wednesday evening when the rain began to pick up.?As they approached a creek, a wall of water came rushing across the roadway. 'All of a sudden a tidal wave of water came over the windshield and, within seconds, our engine died,' Katherine said. 'We struck a house, which broke out our rear window. It was dark and we were floating, gaining water.'

Naomi Osaka casts doubt over her tennis future after the defending US Open Champion is beaten out by teenager Leylah Fernandez in upset: Japanese star reveals 'I don't know when I am going to play my next tennis match'

Fernandez, inspired by fellow 18-year-old Carlos Alcaraz's win over men's third seed Stefanos Tsitsipas, followed suit by producing a stunning upset of her own at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Osaka's game is clearly not back to its best following her recent absence due to mental health, but she served for the match in the second set, only to suffer a 15-minute capitulation that saw Fernandez fight back to win 5-7 7-6 (2) 6-4. The Japanese was playing her first grand slam since pulling out of the French Open and Wimbledon and this defeat will again put the spotlight on her. Osaka looked in decent fettle for the majority of the match, stealing the first set with a break at 5-5 and then putting herself in position to do the same in the second. But this time Fernandez broke straight back at 5-6 and that is where the match turned on its head as Osaka lost her way over a defining 15-minute period.

'Making History: Kansas City and the Rise of Gay Rights' went on display this week in the Missouri State Museum, on the first floor of the state Capitol.

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Google said Friday it was 'taking temporary actions to secure relevant accounts' but stopped short of confirming accounts had been temporarily locked.

The White House has admitted that President Joe Biden's claim he visited the Tree of Life in the wake of the 2018 massacre that killed 11 congregants is not true.

American Airlines said on Friday that the company would not provide special leave from next month to unvaccinated employees who have to quarantine.

Lighter winds and higher humidity heading into the Labor Day weekend reduced the spread of the Caldor Fire as fire crews were quick to take advantage by doubling down on creating fire lines.

Planned Parenthood clinics protected from Texas' abortion law under temporary restraining

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble (inset) granted Planned Parenthood the order against Texas Right to Life, its legislative director and 100 associates Friday. The order blocks the anti-abortion group from suing providers and staff at Planned Parenthood centers across the state under Texas' abortion law. The Texas Heartbeat Act came into effect Wednesday banning abortions from when a fetal heartbeat can be detected - usually six weeks. The law allows any private citizen to sue women who get abortions and anyone who helps the woman such as abortion providers and health care workers. Pro-choice supporters and abortion rights groups protested Wednesday (left) against the law, which has been welcomed by pro-life groups (right in May).

The law signed by Gov. Aboott allows any private citizen to sue Texas abortion providers who violate the law, as well as anyone who 'aids or abets' a woman getting the procedure.

Portland is considering BANNING all Texas imports over abortion law

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is considering banning all Texas goods from the city in protest against the new controversial abortion law. The city is also considering to stop sending their city employees to Texas on business and is calling on other cities and states to do the same. The Texas law bans abortions after a heartbeat is discovered and allows private citizens to sue abortion clinics, doctors, and even cab drivers for aiding abortion. This law is the strictest in the country. The vote will take place on September 8 in Portland.

Lyft said its new Driver Legal Defense Fund will cover 100% of legal fees and it will also donate $1 million to Planned Parenthood.

Progressives are tearing into Sen. Joe Manchin after the moderate Democrat called for the Senate to hit 'pause' on their $3.5 trillion budget blueprint on Thursday.

Congressional Democrats are mounting an offensive against the Supreme Court after it allowed a restrictive new Texas abortion law to go into effect. That includes both a new bill and a Senate probe.

Dr. Eric Lander, the White House director of Science & Technology Policy, said the U.S. needed to invest into the new plan as biological threats are expected to occur 'at an increasing frequency,'

A Mississippi man released after 23 years in prison sues the district attorney who

Curtis Flowers is alleging that Montgomery County DA Doug Evans pressured witnesses to make up claims about spotting him on the day that four people were shot at a Mississippi furniture store in 1996. Evans prosecuted Flowers six times, but each of the four convictions were overturned as Flowers sat in prison. he Supreme Court tossed out the latest conviction in 2019, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh finding a 'determined effort to rid the jury of black individuals' over the years.

Leona Biser, 52, confessed to keeping her sister sister, Loretta Lancaster, 54, in a wooden cage with a filthy mattress laid out in the living room of their decrepit Vestaburg home, in Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Sweeney, 38 (left), from New Jersey, has been convicted of murder, conspiracy and desecration of human remains for the brutal killing of her girlfriend, Tyrita Julius, 41 (right).

PICTURED: Pilot, 57, of $3M private jet which crashed into laser factory in Connecticut killing four, including husband and wife doctors from Boston and another pilot, 55

The who passengers who died in the fiery Cessna crash in Connecticut were named as Courtney Haviland, 33, a Boston pediatrician, and her husband, Will Shrauner, 32, an internist (pictured together, left). The accident also claimed the lives of two pilots, identified as William O'Leary, 55, and Mark Morrow, 57.

Wisconsin teenager Damian Hauschultz, 17, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with an extended supervision for 10 years after for his involvement in Ethan Hauschultz's death.

The National Guard has not released his or her identity as it waits to notify the family. The soldier was found Friday in the parking lot of a huge state complex that houses state police and the DMV.

Californians can expect high gas prices heading into Labor Day weekend with expected prices to be around $4.39, a $1.15 jump from last year as the summer season ends

A new report from MIT suggests melting ice in the arctic is causing the polar vortex to stretch further south into the midlatitudes, creating colder winters in the US, Europe and Central and East Asia.

Male Afghan evacuees bringing child brides into the US

U.S. officials are looking into reports that in the frantic evacuation of desperate Afghans from Kabul, older men were admitted together with young girls they claimed as 'brides' or otherwise sexually abused. U.S. officials at intake centers in the United Arab Emirates and in Wisconsin have identified numerous incidents in which Afghan girls have been presented to authorities as the 'wives' of much older men.

Art Sotloff, father of slain 31-year-old Steven Joel Sotloff, came face-to-face with Alexanda Amon Kotey, 37, in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, Thursday.

Joe Biden signed an executive order Friday that ordered a review of the classified documents related to the 9/11 terror attacks - with the promise of releasing more information to the public.

In a courageous and moving dispatch from the frontline, Amrullah Saleh, 48, reveals his anger at Afghanistan's betrayal by America but urges the West not to abandon his beloved nation.

US troops recovering in Walter Reed after ISIS suicide bombing that killed 13 Americans in

More than a dozen devoted United States Marines are at Walter Reed hospital following the deadly ISIS-K suicide blast that left 13 US service members dead-with many of the wounded warriors facing a long, grueling road to recovery. The deadly attack comes after President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by August 31. The evacuation process was been marked by weeks of violence and chaos, which came to a bloody climax last Thursday when up to two suicide bombers attacked outside Kabul airport. The assault left more than a 13 service members dead, with more still being rushed to Walter Reed in Washington D.C. in dire condition. Lance Cpl. Romel Finley III (from left, clockwise), Cpl. Kelsee Lainhart, Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews, Cpl. Wyatt Jay Wilson, and Lance Cpl. Salvadore Lule were among the injured.

The sisters are particular targets for the Taliban because they are unmarried, educated, and have worked with a western NGO.

Scenes of desperate Afghans clinging to planes, devastation after the Kabul explosion and a tone-deaf image of Biden checking his watch will be emblazoned into Biden's legacy, Buchanan writes.

Angie Ugarte posted the sign in the window of the DeBary Diner in DeBary, Volusia County, telling customers to 'take your business elsewhere' if they back President Joe Biden and his administration.

Out of the eight families from El Cajon, California, that had become stranded in Afghanistan, seven have been evacuated, and some parents spoke out about their harrowing experiences on Thursday.

Tycoon Mohamed Hadid wins LENGTHY court dispute over his giant mansion that teetered on a

A Santa Monica jury awarded neighbors who complained about a decade of stress and sleepless nights over Mohamed Hadid's construction just $2.6 million in total, not even enough for their legal fees, they say. The four neighbors were originally seeking $26 million from the real estate tycoon, who claims he doesn't even have the $5 million needed to demolish the home. 'I'm disappointed because it wasn't about the money. We were standing up for the community and the rule of law,' said neighbor Joe Horacek, 80.

Biden visits families in neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Ida and ties recovery to his $3.5T infrastructure budget after landing in Louisiana with cheat sheets in his pockets?

President Joe Biden?offered hugs and reassurances on Friday when he toured LaPlace, Louisiana, walking among downed trees, debris and power lines as he saw first hand the damage from Hurricane Ida. Biden offered comfort and snapped selfies as he walked among the wreckage. 'I know you're hurting,' he said after meeting with families and visiting with a group that gathered on the corner of a street blocked off by security.

The incident, caught on video and since gone viral on Twitter, shows him climbing the fence of a highway overpass on 22nd Street in the Center City neighborhood.

The National Weather Service said the storm?pawned at least 10 tornadoes, including the 150-mph twister that levelled homes and toppled silos in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.

Kentucky high school teacher accused of fighting a student in viral video as his history of misconduct at FOUR other districts is revealed: Once called class 'monkeys' and pushed a student off a desk

William Bennett (top right), who was caught on video fighting a black student (bottom right) on the ground last month, has a history of misconduct at neighboring school districts. The 58-year-old has been reassigned out of the classroom at Moore High School (inset) pending an investigation. Previous records reveal he was reprimanded in Hardin County two decades ago after he admitted to calling a noisy class 'a bunch of monkeys,' kicking a trash can and singling out a student who cursed at him after he threatened him with detention.

Amazon will launch its own-branded TV sets in the U.S. next month, according to a media report. The television set has been worked on for two years by the tech giant.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts discovered a target of 7,000 steps a day - less than the 10,000 steps often recommended - is enough to protect against serious illnesses.

Transgender woman accused of exposing half-erect penis at an LA spa has a long criminal

Darren Agee Merager, 52, who is accused of indecent exposure at an LA spa, has a long criminal history, including burglaries, trespassing, and failing to register as a sex offender. They claim to be a victim of transphobia and will be showing up in court to defend themselves. The LA police describe them as being transient and frequenting Marina Del Rey, Malibu, and Pasadena. Their last known residence was their parents' home in Riverside, a conservative neighborhood, but his mother claimed she never saw him there. Police are still looking for Merager.

Washington state high school under lockdown as anti-maskers protest state's mask mandate

Anti-maskers - which reportedly included Proud Boys and other far-right extremist groups (left) -protested outside of a Washington high school during school hours on Friday and tried to get inside. They gathered in large groups and held signs like 'Stop the Mandate' (top and bottom right) to protest the Washington state's requirement for students and faculty to wear masks during school hours. Two days earlier, a student's mother was reportedly arrested for trespassing on school grounds because her daughter refused to wear a mask in school, and her mother refused to leave after arguing with school officials. That incident served as the sparkplug for the demonstrations, which have been ongoing since Thursday.

Travell Miller, 33, was taking his daughter Norielle to school around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday when they were ambushed with gunfire and he 'shielded' her from the attack.

Precious Stephens, a now former 911 dispatcher from New Orleans,?has a warrant out for her arrest on counts of malfeasance in office and interfering with an emergency communication.

Hero shopper attacked New Zealand knifeman with a pole as others battled to save the

An ISIS-inspired knifeman who stabbed at least six people while screaming 'Allah Allah' still can't be named after a New Zealand judge imposed a gagging order protecting the jihadist and his family's privacy. The attacker, identified only as 'S', was a 32-year-old Sri Lankan man who moved to the country in 2011 and had been under constant police surveillance having recently been released from prison on terror-related charges. He was shot dead by armed police officers after injuring at least six people in a terror attack in a West Auckland supermarket on Friday. But the Islamist's identity remains shielded under New Zealand's stringent privacy laws, after a High Court judge ruled the knifeman's family must have at least 24 hours to give his family an 'opportunity to seek a suppression order'. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is set to face a grilling over New Zealand's tepid anti-terror laws that let a known Islamist roam freely.

Police say Patten was on his bike on Thursday when he crashed it through a median in his hometown of?Columbia, South Carolina. One other driver was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Nicholas Ruthenberg, 25, was taken into custody after he allegedly drove the wrong way down a Vero Beach street and crashed into another vehicle on Monday

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya, 48, tests positive for COVID despite being fully vaccinated

Oscar De La Hoya has withdrawn from his upcoming comeback fight after being hospitalized with COVID-19. The 48-year-old revealed his diagnosis on Friday - eight days before he was scheduled to step into the ring to take on former UFC champion Vitor Belfort at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. De La Hoya announced he had contracted the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated. He shared a video to Twitter from his hospital bed accompanied by a caption which read: 'I wanted you to hear directly from me that despite being fully vaccinated, I have contracted COVID and am not going to be able to fight next weekend.?

Filming for Paramount Plus Series The Offer was shut down after a production member tested positive for the virus. A source tells DailyMail.com it was Miles Teller.

So many residents of rural southeast Oklahoma are overdosing on the anti-parasite drug ivermectin that it is overwhelming local hospitals. Many are using versions of the drug made for horses.

KISS frontman Paul Stanley seen walking into hotel MASKLESS four days after announcing he

KISS frontman Paul Stanley was spotted walking into a West Hollywood hotel without a mask just five days after announcing he had tested positive for COVID-19.?The 69-year-old rocker took to Twitter last Thursday to confirm he was battling the virus and postponed the band's upcoming performance in Pennsylvania as a result. But on Tuesday, Paul was caught on camera exiting a car and walking into the Sunset Marquis Hotel maskless.?Paul had been keeping fans updated on his condition on social media and just yesterday - two days after the sighting - tweeted that he had to remain isolated for a 'few more days.'

An Arizona father whose son had to quarantine after coming into contact with COVID-positive student confronted the school's principal with zip ties and threatened to make citizen's arrest.

Barbara Crosby, a South Carolina school board member, stormed out of a workshop meeting in protest after claiming God should decide if students will be protected from COVID-19.

Dr Janet Woodcock and Dr Rochelle Walensky met with White House officials on Thursday, telling them they may not be able to approve COVID-19 vaccine boosters by the September 20 roll out day.

The United States will donated 1.2 million vaccine doses to four African nations as part of a larger plan to donated a half-billion vaccines to lower income nations and create vaccine equity.

Elizabeth Holmes set to stand trial over £500m fraud as UK scientist Ian Gibbon's widow

Elizabeth Holmes (main), was just 19 when she formed health technology company Theranos and claimed to have developed a 'miracle' automated blood testing device that could detect hundreds of diseases and save millions of lives. British scientist Ian Gibbons was appointed Theranos' chief scientist in 2005 and was determined to help it achieve its ambition of revolutionising medicine. But, as a rigorous, honest scientist, he soon realised Holmes' grandiose claims were hollow and actually put patients' lives at risk. He was summoned to a make-or-break meeting with Holmes in May 2013, and fearing his sacking, he died after overdosing on painkillers aged just 67. His widow, Rochelle, has told the Mail how she believes 'evil' Holmes cost Ian his life when he dared to challenge her claims.

Darkness behind the return of Abba's Dancing Queens: It was the relaunch that thrilled the world. But why did it take 40 years? Torment, multiple failed marriages, suicide, a child's fatal car crash - and even a twisted affair with a stalker?

RICHARD KAY: In 1979, at the height of Abba's fame, they split up - to the horror of Abba fans - and, at a stroke, blew away that wholesome image. Within a week of their separation, Bjorn was dating Agnetha lookalike Lena Kallersjo, a Swedish TV presenter. Two years later they were married and he had another two children with Kallersjo. At the time, Bjorn and Agnetha described their break-up as a 'happy divorce' but reality suggests otherwise. Agnetha later confessed she had felt 'mangled' and had needed counselling. The pain of the split was immortalised in the hit The Winner Takes It All, and many fans have wondered over the years if Bjorn was being deliberately cruel in asking his ex-wife to sing the tragic lyric: 'Tell me does she kiss like I used to kiss you?'

They are barely, if ever, seen out in public together. But Justin Timberlake gave his 61.4 million Instagram followers a rare glimpse of himself with wife Jessica Biel on Friday.

'Despite a deep love and respect for one another, we have realized that our current paths have taken us in opposite directions,' the Flight Attendant star, 35, and Cook, 30, shared.

A blonde woman wearing nothing but a Covid face mask and a green bikini was seen in a widely shared Instagram video walking through a Miami airport. The video - captioned 'When you have a pool party at noon and a flight at 4pm' - was posted on 'Humans of Spirit Airlines' Instagram account and seen more than 11,550 times and liked about 1,000 times as of noon on Friday. It's unconfirmed that the woman was actually boarding a Spirit Airlines flight - or any flight - in the outfit - or if it was a social media stunt.

The McDonald's franchise in Medford hung the banner after finding that raising the minimum wage to $15 didn't bring in many new applications, but opening the door to younger applicants did.

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: The findings of the new study show that, over time, your body compensates for the extra calories you've burnt through exercise, by slowing metabolism down.

The mosquito that transmits Zika and dengue could be prevented from doing so by eating sugar before feasting on blood. It had enhanced immunity in their guts after they fed on sugar, a new study says.

Chris Pine shows off his flexible physique while vacationing in Italy with a mystery

Chris Pine showed just how flexible he is on Thursday during his vacation to Italy's gorgeous Amalfi Coast. The 41-year-old Star Trek actor worked up a sweat while soaking up the Mediterranean sun aboard a massive yacht as friends joined him for the trip. Among those traveling with him was an unidentified blonde woman who suited up for a dive off the shore when she and the actor disembarked on a smaller boat.?

Furious Palace aides hunt leaker of Queen's funeral plans

Furious palace aides are hunting for the source behind the?'deeply disturbing' leak of top secret plans that are to be enacted when the Queen dies. The details of 'Operation London Bridge' including ministerial protocols and funeral arrangements were published yesterday morning in a move described by Whitehall insiders as 'concerning, unnecessary and upsetting'. The plans (left) for the huge operation were?only shared with a small group of people and reveals that all Whitehall flags must be lowered to half mast within ten minutes followed by a TV address and UK tour by Prince Charles (top right) and a pre-planned memorial service at St Paul's Cathedral for ministers that will be made to look 'spontaneous'. Their exposure has provoked fury at Buckingham Palace, with sources saying there is now a 'major appetite' to discover who the mole is what their motivation was. It is believed the plans were leaked after being updated during the pandemic. Whitehall bosses are also believed to be on the warpath to track down the source and could narrow down the possible culprits by examining which version of the documents were released.

Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace, the third made-for-TV flick from?US cable channel Lifetime, will dramatise?the Sussexes' 'controversial conscious uncoupling from the crown'.

Nicole Coste, 49, an Air France air hostess turned fashion designer, gave birth to Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste in August 2003. She spoke to Paris Match about Prince Albert's parenting.

Hilarious snaps show moments where people accidentally wear clothes that fit their

The fashion snaps from across the globe, which were collated in an online gallery by TheDaddest show people who happened to wear a shirt that turned an everday outing into something a lot more entertaining. Clockwise from top left: A fan of DJ deadmau5 looked red-faced when he met Minnie Mouse at Disney; Gene Simmons apparently enjoying an ice cream; a stripey gang; two unintentional fans of the Cookie Monster; a woman who blended in at her hotel, and two people who may or may not have co-ordinated their tops for an outing.

Yamaguchi-gumi, the country's biggest crime organisation and Kudo-kai rival based in Kobe, central Japan, issued the order after a rival gang lord was sentenced to death by hanging.


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Man fathers kids with his current wife, ex-wife and HER new wife after donating sperm so his ex's spouse could become a mom - and they now all coparent the children together (but insist they're NOT 'sister wives')

Josh Rappahahn, 37, and Jennifer Vazquez, 36, were married and had a son who is now 11. After they divorced, Josh married Danielle, 31, and they had a daughter, now five. When Jennifer married Chantel, 30, they asked Josh to donate sperm so Chantel could have a baby - and she gave birth to a daughter in April. The blended family of Josh and his three 'baby mamas' was spotlighted?in an episode of the TLC show 'You, Me, and My Ex.' They all coparent and spend three or four days a week together, with Jennifer calling Josh her 'best friend' and Danielle saying Jennifer is like her sister.

Apple's augmented-reality headset won't natively have AI and machine-learning capabilities, requiring a connection to another device to display 'virtual, mixed and augmented reality images.'

Randy 'Baja' Fletcher, 72, died on Aug. 27 at a hospital after falling the previous day while preparing for Urban′s appearance at Bash on the Bay on the Lake Erie island of Put-in-Bay,

Film shows how squad planned to kill six million Germans - one for every Jew lost in the

MARGARETTE DRISCOLL: Amid the ruins of Bucharest in Romania, a group of partisans gathered in secret - a sinewy crew who had made a daring escape from the Vilna Ghetto in Vilnius, Lithuania, then spent two years attacking German forces from the forests of Eastern Europe. The audacious plan they hatched would stay secret for decades. They would call themselves the Nokmim, Hebrew for 'Avengers'. Their goal was to kill six million Germans, one for every Jew who had perished in the concentration camps (left: Auschwitz). Their leader, Abba Kovner (right), was a charismatic writer who would go on to become Israel's greatest poet. Now, Kovner and his irregulars are about to take centre stage as the inspiration for Plan A, a new thriller film released in Britain this weekend.

In the recording, a woman believed to be an adviser to Korolyov's mayor, said to workers 'we are interested in a specific figure and a specific party - 42-45% according to the party list.'

The stretch of road, in eastern Belgium, is littered with rushed refrigerators, splintered furniture, torn curtains, twisted metal, stuffed toys, defunct electronics and shards of glass.

Woman loses a TOE after tripping and running over her foot with a lawn mower

TikTok user @waltermoe_luke shared video documenting his sister's accident. She was mowing a backyard lawn when she tripped over something and unintentionally pulled the sharp blades of the mower over her foot. She limped away in pain and was later seen laying in bed with a bandaged foot. The unidentified woman lost the entire big toe on her left foot and also sustained other painful-looking cuts around the area.

In footage shared on Reddit, a brown momma bear can be seen approaching an outdoor dining table at a BBQ shack in Lake Tahoe, California, before taking a bite out of a family's meal.

Jessica Vilaythong, 24, was talking to a fellow employee inside the bank when a man entered the building and spoke briefly with Vilaythong before stabbing her in the neck and killing her.

Located in Manhattan's uptown neighborhood of Washington Heights, Unit 1B at 25 Fort Washington Avenue has gone viral on TikTok. It?features three bedrooms, exposed brick, and hardwood floors. But it also has a very long, twisting entry hallways and an awkwardly-shaped living room with a useless acute corner and nook. The bedrooms are also unconventionally shaped and would be hard to place furniture in, while one bathroom has a diagonal wall. Commenters are utterly baffled by the odd layout, with many cracking clever jokes about how it is designed.

Shopper Amit Nand said he saw a woman lying on the floor bleeding before confronting the attacker who stabbed six shoppers at a West Auckland supermarket on Friday afternoon.

Christian Martin, 53, was found guilty by a Christian County Circuit Court jury of shooting Edward Dansereau and Calvin and Pamela Phillips in Pembroke, Kentucky on November 18, 2015.

Percy the dalmatian makes puppy dog eyes at his owner when she discovers he trashed her

In footage shared online, six-month-old Percy (pictured right) can be seen nervously greeting his owner Bethany-Jayne Livesey (pictured inset) as she arrives to her home in Lancashire. She quickly discovers a hole in the leather sofa and stuffing littering the seats and floor. Percy - who had previously ruined three cushions and a rug - stays by the door and gives his owner 'the cute eyes' before sheepishly walking back to his crate. His damage so far has totalled £2,096.

A 'catastrophic' supervolcano eruption that could tip Earth into a 'volcanic winter' is more likely to happen than previously believed, according to a newly published study.

New York Mets GM Zach Scott was caught by police dozing behind the wheel at a traffic light in White Plains, New York. He pleaded not guilty in a White Plains court today.

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A teenager has made a dramatic escape after allegedly being kidnapped and tortured by jumping out of a window. Footage of the moment shows the 19-year-old woman dangling her legs from a first floor window before jumping from the building in the Turkish city of Antalya on Thursday. The young woman, named in local media as Sirin N.E., hit a parked car before landing roughly on the pavement, sending shocked onlookers rushing to help her. She alleges men from Iran kidnapped and tortured her, saying 'they tried to sell me'.

The woman, who identified herself as Kate, took to the stand to testify against the world-famous R&B singer at his sex abuse trial in Brooklyn on Friday.

Eleven House Republicans sent a letter threatening to 'pursue all legal remedies' if telecom companies comply with Democrats' subpoena for their phone records prior to Jan. 6.

CAT-ch me if you can! Paralyzed kitten Angel bowls around on a homemade wheelchair made from a plastic bottle and toy car by his doting owner who found him lying in a puddle

Constanza Hernandez (pictured right), 37, from Colombia, refused to put little Angelito to sleep after discovering him lying in a puddle with deformed rear legs, deciding to make him a customised wheelchair instead. She worked with her mother to create an amazing contraption, using a plastic bottle and wheels from a toy car, to help her 'Angel' get around.


Showbiz extra

A video of the couple was shared on an American wedding-shaming forum on the platform Reddit , revealing?the boyfriend's candid response after his girlfriend caught the bride's bouquet. The delighted woman turned expectantly to her partner after catching the bouquet, but a look of horror was clearly visible on his face as it dawned on him that this means they're getting married next.

I road-tested the new Yaris Cross, a jacked-up version of the Yaris super-mini, currently European Car of the Year. The Cross derivative is impressive, too, great for cruising around town and country.

DailyMail.com witnessed extraordinary scenes in South Lake Tahoe, where ear activity is at an historic high since residents fled the resort town and surrounding areas in the face of wildfire Caldor.

Half shredded Banksy artwork Girl with Balloon is to be auctioned with $8M estimate - SIX TIMES its worth before it self destructed at Sotheby's

Banksy's Girl With Balloon attempted to self-destruct after it was sold at auction for £1.1 million in London in 2018. The artist fitted a hidden shredder into the frame which started after the painting was sold. The painting, now known as Love Is In The Bin will go back under the hammer in October with a guide price of between £4 million and £6 million.



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